Afternoon Tea Event for Parents

Hello fellow Learners!

A few days ago we held an Afternoon Tea activity for parents of students at KLIS Primary Sentul. This Afternoon Tea activity is the first and will be routinely held every month to build a good relationship between parents and schools regarding any problems faced by children at school. So that parents can be more prepared in responding to children’s behavior after doing activities at school.

This “Afternoon Tea” is titled “Where are my Shocks?”. One theme that is raised which aims to remind parents and schools to jointly teach Sense of Ownership in children.

The speaker at this event was Ms. Nuraini as the Principal of KLIS Primary Sentul. She shared some important points about how children can become responsible individuals from small habits that are carried out in daily activities, such as tidying up learning tools, arriving and doing assignments on time, following the rules that apply wherever they are, and others.

The moment when parents are participating in Afternoon Tea activities

Photo of parents paying attention to the points being presented

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