Vision, Mission & Learners Profile

Knowledge Link Intercultural School is not just another school which is why our vision is to align KLIS with the vision its students, parents, teachers, and other associates.

Guided through the creation of a holistic Islamic environment, “KLIS will nurture each individual student to inspire their creativity, explore their innovative nature and challenge themselves to be the best.”

Whilst, each student’s academic performance is a core component for our vision, it expands beyond the classroom by integrating parents and the wider community to have a school that students, parents and the great country of Indonesia is proud to say it’s theirs.

Our mission at Knowledge Link Intercultural School is to implement righteous Islamic values and principles combined with an international standard of education that is second to none.

To this end, the key guiding principles of KLIS are:

  1. To delivery academic excellence through a meticulously designed international curriculum that will interest and inspire each individual learner
  2. To provide our Muslim students with a solid lifelong understanding of the true meaning of Islam and the pillars upon which the religion is founded
  3. To promote a compassionate, respectful, and caring community environment both in school and the world as a whole
  4. To become recognized as the leading International Islamic School in Indonesia.
  1. Knowledge : Have superior knowledge
  2. Leadership : Individuals who are responsible and are able to work together in a team to achieve the same purpose.
  3. Integrity : Is firm, consistent, and committed believe towards values hold.
  4. Society : Have considerate, loving, supportive, and attentive to members of the society characteristics