Clean, spacious, and well-conditioned classrooms. Equipped with a projector, LCD, and personal lockers for students. Classes are kept cleaned and conditioned at all

Prayer Room

Clean and spacious musholla which all school members use to pray. Daily Zuhur prayers are done by students together with teachers.

ICT Room

Clean and well-conditioned computer lab equipped with new desktop to facilitate students learning at KLIS Primary.


Clean and well-conditioned Library with a variety of books collections from 3 different languages: English, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Swimming Pool

Well maintained and spacious pool in the back area of the school. Students are scheduled for swimming CCA once per week. Pool is maintained twice per week by a pool maintenance professional.

Cooking Room

Spacious and clean room dedicated for home economics. Students of KLIS Primary are given the option of cooking as their CCA.


Clean, modern, and safe playground area for students to socialize and play during break times. Students

Multipurpose Courtyard

Multipurpose courtyard is built to cater to our needs for outdoor activities. It is used for sports, flag hoisting ceremony, assembly, and other outdoor events & activities.

Tahfidz Room

Comfy and spacious room located in level 3 in KLIS Primary. Equipped with mini table for students to read the Al-Quran, and Islamic literature for students to read.